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Sam Summakie, an alumnus of The Ohio State University is a driven, successful businessman who began working with cars as a child. After moving from Ohio to the Washington, D.C. area Sam wasted no time building a neighborhood icon: Cars USA is a landmark on Lee Highway. Located just minutes from the East Falls Metro Station, and Capitol Hill, Sam found it ideally located to service the community's automobile needs.

Customer service is one of the reasons for Cars USA's great success. "Families are so happy when they buy a car from us! They tell their friends and family, we have many repeat customers from the same family.  In fact, we have sold 5 cars to members of the same family! That's what I call customer satisfaction," said Sam Summakie.
With the winning combination of service and unprecedented customer satisfaction, Cars USA has escalated its sales, and with that, continues to be recognized by the community as the go to place for service and value!